School of Medicine

Professionalism Performance


A student may be placed on probation or may face suspension or dismissal from Baylor College of Medicine for unprofessional behavior, including, but not limited, to the following:

  • acting unethically
  • violating the BCM Code of Conduct 
  • violating the School of Medicine Honor Code 
  • behaving dishonestly by lying, defaming, plagiarizing, or falsifying academic or medical records
  • committing medical negligence 
  • willfully destroying property
  • presenting to duty in a condition of impairment  
  • engaging in bigoted, discriminatory, or harassing behavior
  • engaging in criminal behavior
  • failing to meet academic responsibilities
  • failing to meet clinical responsibilities
  • failing to pay invoices owed to the Baylor College of Medicine
  • engaging in other behaviors inappropriate to the medical profession

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