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Office of the Registrar
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Withdrawal from Elective Courses

Once an assignment is made to a clinical elective (usually four-week periods or multiples thereof) through the computer process, a student may not withdraw from the elective (unless instructor's approval is granted) in order to sign up for another elective in that time. Therefore, the student must take that time as vacation.

Withdrawal requires the instructor's written approval on the official withdrawal form available in the Office of the Registar and on this web site. Failure to withdraw from an elective will result in the recording of a grade of "Fail" in the elective.

The following exceptions are applicable to other electives:

  1. Pre-Clinical Electives. Withdrawal is allowed within 14 days of the start of the elective with no record posted to the transcript. However, this information will be retained in the student's permanent file (folder and computer).
  2. Courses (lecture/seminars). Withdrawal is permitted until 21 days before termination of the course or the final examination.
  3. Electives outside of Harris County cannot be dropped.
  4. Students wishing to enroll in Graduate School courses for elective credit can register late. The student must meet the applicable Graduate School deadline for enrollment. The withdrawal policy shall be the same as used for graduate students.

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