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Office of the Registrar

Houston, Texas

The Registrar Office provides services for students, faculty, staff and alumni.
Office of the Registrar
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Visiting Medical Student Elective Program

U.S. Medical and Osteopathic School Students (LCME accredited institutions and COCA accredited AACOM member colleges ONLY)

Baylor College of Medicine is a Host School under the AAMC Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) program. If you will be enrolled as a senior medical student in a U.S. LCME medical school or a senior osteopathic student in a COCA accredited AACOM member college in academic year 2013-2014, VSAS is required to apply for an elective at BCM.

Note: All students MUST apply by the deadline date for each elective enrollment period, as published on the VSAS web site. Applications are only accepted through the VSAS system. If you miss the deadline, you are not eligible for an elective at BCM.

You are notified NOT to directly contact BCM faculty and administrative staff in an attempt to arrange clinical/research experiences. The visiting medical student elective program office is responsible for processing and scheduling ALL Elective requests. All students must follow established guidelines and procedures (no exceptions).

The Visiting Medical Student Elective Program does not process/approve Observerships.

International Medical Students

Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) no longer accepts international medical students in its Visiting Medical Student Elective Program, unless it is through a reciprocal clinical training agreement developed through BCM's Center for Globalization. There will be no exceptions to this process.

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