In speaking of the importance of Team Launch for Baylor, President, CEO and Executive Dean Dr. Paul Klotman, stated, “When I started in the world of medicine and science we did everything alone. In the years since science has gotten much bigger and healthcare has become much more complicated. It is impossible to do everything yourself. Team development is absolutely critical to healthcare delivery and absolutely critical for the future of science.”

Different kinds of teams are driving the genomics revolution, addressing disease outbreaks in remote geographic regions of the world and improving patient safety and health outcomes. Team efforts require distinct skills that are not part of traditional undergraduate or graduate training. In a 2015 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers listed “ability to work in a team structure” as the most important skill they seek in new hires.

Teamwork is one of the five institutional values of Baylor College of Medicine. Team Launch contributes to an academic and institutional culture that values teamwork, the contributions of each team member and training in teamwork skills. Team Launch also enables Baylor students to learn and apply team skills within the context of solving contemporary problems in healthcare and biomedical science, and it prepares faculty members to serve as teamwork teachers, mentors and coaches.

Team-Based Healthcare

Baylor College of Medicine orthotics and prosthetics student, Cara Yocum discusses her experience with Team Launch.

Many studies have shown that effective teamwork in clinical settings leads to better outcomes for patients with less cost. The Association of American Medical Colleges identifies “collaborate as a member of an interprofessional team,” as a Core Entrustable Professional Activity for Entering Residency.

Healthcare providers must work with different care teams, researchers, administrators, trainees and other professionals from a wide array of disciplines. In addition, they must explain complex or alternative treatments to patients and their families. Team Launch creates an academic and institutional culture that not only appreciates and values the need for team-based training, but also provides opportunities to effectively integrate this knowledge and skill into health care research or delivery prior to graduation.

Team Science

Dr. Christine Beeton, associate professor of molecular biology and biophysics, discusses the importance of teamwork to the most important research of her career.

The growing importance of team-based science in accelerating discovery is well-documented. Research generated by scientific teams is cited more frequently and increasingly has more impact than contributions by solo investigators. To achieve high impact results and apply their research from the laboratory to real world needs, researchers work with professionals from healthcare, business and technology as well as scientists with widely varying expertise.

It is estimated that more than 60 percent of new science Ph.D.s in the United States will not have careers in academic research, emphasizing the need to train today’s graduate students in broadly applicable career skills. Team Launch ensures that Baylor graduates are well prepared and equipped with the tools needed to access careers of their choosing in important, often emerging, fields.