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Translational Biology & Molecular Medicine

Houston, Texas

Benchtop, Research, Bedside and Application
Translational Biology & Molecular Medicine Graduate Program
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Robia G. Pautler, Ph.D.

Robia G. Pautler

Associate Professor
Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics

Phone: 713-798-3892
Fax: 713-798-3475


  • Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University
  • Postdoctoral, California Institute of Technology

Research Interests

  • MRI
  • Gene expression
  • Axional transport
  • Alzheimer's disease

Selected Publications

  • Sano M, Izumi Y, Helenius K, Asakura M, Rossi DJ, Xie M, Taffet G, Hu L, Pautler RG, Wilson CR, Boudina S, Abel ED, Taegtmeyer H, Scaglia F, Graham BH, Kralli A, Shimizu N, Tanaka H, Makela TP, Schneider MD. Menage-a-trois 1 is critical for the transcriptional function of PPARgamma coactivator 1. Cell Metab. 2007. 5:129-42.
  • Smith KD, Kallhoff V, Zheng H, Pautler RG. In vivo axonal transport rates decrease in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Neuroimage. 2007. 35:1401-8.
  • Kannankeril PF, Goonasekera S, Mitchell B, Chelu MG, Zhang W, Kearney DL, De Biasi M, Pautler RG, Roden DM, Taffet, GE Dirksen R, Anderson ME, Hamilton SL. Mice with the R176Q cardiac ryanodine receptor mutation exhibit catecholamine-induced ventricular tachycardia. PNAS. 2006. 103:12179-84.
  • Pautler RG. Biological applications of manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. Methods Mol Med. 2006. 124:365-86.
  • Tyszka JM, Readhead C, Bearer EL, Pautler RG, Jacobs RE. Statistical diffusion tensor histology reveals regional dysmyelination effects in the shiverer mouse mutant. Neuroimage. 2006. 29:1058-65.
  • Pautler RG. In vivo, trans-synaptic tract tracing utilizing manganese enhanced MRI (MEMRI). NMR in Biomedicine. 2004. 17:595-601.
  • Pautler RG. Mouse MRI: concepts and applications in physiology Physiology. 2004. 9:168-75.

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