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Translational Biology & Molecular Medicine

Houston, Texas

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Translational Biology & Molecular Medicine Graduate Program
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Douglas G. Burrin, Ph.D.

Douglas G. Burrin

Associate Professor
Department of Pediatrics - Nutrition
Children's Nutrition Research Center

Phone: 713-798-7049
Fax: 713-798-7057


  • M.S., Animal Science, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
  • Ph.D., Nutrition and Physiology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

Research Interests

  • Nutritional and hormonal regulation of neonatal intestinal growth and function

Selected Publications

  • Burrin DG, Stoll B. Emerging aspects of gut sulfur amino acid metabolism. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. 2007. 10:63-8.
  • Burrin DG, Stoll B, Guan X, Cui L and Chang X. GLP-2 rapidly activates divergent intracellular signaling pathways involved in intestinal cell survival and proliferation in neonatal piglets. Am J Physiol. 2007. 292:E281-91.
  • Riedijk MA, Stoll B, Chacko S, Schierbeek H, Sunehag AL, van Goudoever JB, Burrin DG. Methionine transmethylation and transsulfuration in the piglet gastrointestinal tract. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007. 104(9):3408-13.
  • Cottrell JJ, Stoll B, Buddington RK, Stephens JE, Cui L, Chang X, Burrin DG. Glucagon-like peptide-2 protects against TPN-induced intestinal hexose malabsorption in enterally re-fed piglets. Am J Physiol. 2006. 53:G293-300.
  • Guan, X, Karpen HE, Bukowski JT, Stephens J, Niu S, Zhang G, Stoll B, Finegold MJ, Holst JJ, Hadsell DL, Nichols BL, Burrin DG. GLP-2 receptor localizes to enteric neurons and endocrine cells expressing vasoactive peptides and mediates increased blood flow. Gastroenterology. 2006. 130:150-64.
  • Sangild PT, Siggers RH, Schmidt M, Elnif J, Bjornvad CR, Thymann T, Grondahl ML, Hansen AK, Jensen SK, Boye M, Moelbak L, Buddington RK, Westrom B, Burrin DG. A diet- and colonization-dependent intestinal dysfunction predisposes to necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in preterm pigs. Gastroenterology. 2006. 130:1776-92.
  • Wang, H, Khaoustov VI, Krishnan B, Cai W, Stoll B, Burrin DG, Yoffe B. Total parenteral nutrition induces liver steatosis and apoptosis in newborn piglets. J Nutr . 2006. 136:2547-52.

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