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Translational Biology & Molecular Medicine

Houston, Texas

Benchtop, Research, Bedside and Application
Translational Biology & Molecular Medicine Graduate Program
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Tiffany Williams, Ph.D.

Tiffany Williams

Department of Molecular and Human Genetics

Thesis Title: Comparative Studies of the Population Structure and Virulence of Streptococcus pneumoniae Serotype 1 from Africa, North America and Europe

Basic Science Mentor: George Weinstock, Ph.D.
Department of Genetics, Washington University in St. Louis

Clinical Science Mentor: Wendy A. Keitel, M.D.
Department of Molecular Virology and Microbiology


Ph.D., Translational Biology and Molecular Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, 2010
B.S., George Washington University

Position after graduation: Return to medical school to complete M.D./Ph.D. program.

Awards and Honors

  • Travel Award: 7th International Symposium on Pneumococci and Pneumococcal Diseases, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2010
  • ASHG-FASEB MARC Travel Award: Genetics and Genomics of Infectious Diseases, Singapore, Singapore, 2009
  • Invited speaker, 16th Annual International Conference on Microbial Genomes, Lake Arrowhead, CA, 2008
  • Infectious Diseases Society of America/National Foundation for Infectious Diseases Medical Scholars Award, 2008
  • NCMHD Minority Health International Research Training Award, University of Iowa, 2008
  • American Medical Students Association Global Health Scholar, 2007
  • Invited speaker, 57th Annual Meeting of American Society of Human Genetics, San Diego, CA, 2007
  • Invited speaker, 15th Annual International Conference on Microbial Genomes, College Park, MD, 2007
  • Best Graduate Student Poster (Category: host response, animal models, immunology & vaccines): International Conference on Tularemia, 2006
  • Travel Award: International Conference on Tularemia, Woods Hole, MA, 2006
  • Travel Award: Bugs, Drugs and Vaccines, Galveston, TX, 2006


  • Williams TM, Loman N, Ebruke C, Musher DM, Adegbola R, Pallen M, Weinstock GM. Antonio M. Genome Analysis of a Highly Virulent Strain of Streptococcus pneumoniae Serotype 1 from The Gambia, West Africa. PLOS One. 2010. Submitted.
  • Williams T. Genomics offers new possibilities for global health through international collaboration. Dis. Model. Mech. 2010. 3(3-4).
  • Highlander SK, Hultén KG, Qin X, Jiang H, Yerrapragada S, Mason Jr EO, Shang Y, Williams TM, Fortunov RM, Liu Y, Igboeli O, Petrosino J, Tirumalai M, Uzman A, Fox GE, Cardenas AM, Muzny DM, Hemphill L, Ding Y, Dugan S, Blyth PR, Buhay CJ, Dinh HH, Hawes AC, Holder M, Kovar CL, Lee SL, Liu W, Nazareth LV, Wang Q, Zhou J, Kaplan SL, and Weinstock GM. Subtle genetic changes enhance virulence of methicillin resistant and sensitive Staphylococcus aureus. BMC Microbiology. 2007. 7:99.

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