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Translational Biology & Molecular Medicine

Houston, Texas

Benchtop, Research, Bedside and Application
Translational Biology & Molecular Medicine Graduate Program
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Group photograph of Translational Biology & Molecular Medicine students - 2010

What students have to say about the TBMM Program

  • "The TBMM graduate program allows flexibility to see clinical and bench aspects of research. I've always wanted to do research that helps people and with this program I know that my research will have a clinical application. Add to that a warm and vibrant city like Houston and it was like a dream come true!" – Carlos Perez Torres, Fourth-Year Graduate Student
  • "The world now recognizes the importance of collaborative work in research, and those catalyzing inquiries 'between the bench and bedside' will inevitably play an important part in the process. I'm glad BCM decided to develop this emerging discipline. It is a niche I know I'll never get tired of making my contributions to health from." – Conrad Russell Cruz, Fifth-Year Graduate Student
  • "This program is unique because it teaches you to think more broadly as a scientist and helps you to better understand the implications of taking na therapy from bench to bedside, through lab work, seminars and a clinical rotation. It also allows you to explore the molecular basis for disease processes and to think about new and innovative solutions to these problems."
    – Cynthia Davies-Venn, Fifth-Year Graduate Student

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