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Structural and Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics

Houston, Texas

A BCM research lab.
Structural and Computational Biology & Molecular Biophysics
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Jack W. Smith, M.D., Ph.D.

Jack W. Smith, M.D., Ph.D.Professor, Microbial and Molecular Pathogenesis

SCBMB Executive Committee Member

Texas A&M Health Science Center


B.S., Virigina Polytechnic Institute and State University, Physics (1973)
M.S., Ohio State University, Computer and Information Sciences (1980)
M.D., West Virginia University Medical School, Medicine (1977); Ph.D., Ohio State University, Computer and InformationSciences (1986)

Research Interests:

Dr. Smith’s research expertise is the modeling of problem solving in health care and its application to the implementation of decision-support and intelligent-tutoring systems. This has included projects to create decision-support and tutoring systems for medical technologists, pathologists, and internists in transfusion medicine, for histopathologic diagnosis, and for liver disease. His current research focuses on on the implementation of multimedia systems to support tutoring and the decision-making processes of flight surgeons and biomedical engineers in support of human spaceflight. Dr. Smith also is interested in the modeling of complex human problem solving in health care, the representations of knowledge for automating these processes, and the application of cognitive science to the understanding of human-computer interaction.

Selected Publications:

  • Herskovic JR, Cohen T, Subramanian D, Iyengar MS, Smith JW and Bernstam EV. MEDRank: using graph-based concept ranking to index biomedical texts. Int J Med Inform, 80(6):431-41 (2011). PubMed
  • Bernstam EV, Smith JW and Johnson TR. What is biomedical informatics? J Biomed Inform, 43(1):104-10 (2009). PubMed
  • Bernstam EV, Hersh WR, Sim I, Eichmann D, Silverstein JC, Smith JW and Becich MJ. Unintended consequences of health information technology: a need for biomedical informatics. J Biomed Inform, 43(5):828-30 (2009) PubMed
  • Mirhaji P, Zhu M, Vagnoni M, Bernstam EV, Zhang J and Smith JW. Ontology driven integration platform for clinical and translational research. BMC Bioinformatics, 10 Suppl 2:S2 (2009). PubMed
  • Mandelin J, Lin EC, Hu DD, Knowles SK, Do KA, Wang X, Sage EH, Smith JW, Arap W and Pasqualini R. Extracellular and intracellular mechanisms that mediate the metatastic activity of exogenous osteopontin. Cancer, 115(8):1753-64 (2009). PubMed
  • Zhang W, Richardson RD, Chamni S, Smith JW and Romo D. Beta-lactam congeners of orlistat as inhibitors of fatty acid synthase. Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 18(7):2491-4 (2008). PubMed
  • Ma G, Zancanella M, Oyola Y, Richardson RD, Smith JW and Romo D. Total synthesis and comparative analysis of orlistat, valilactone, and a transposed orlistat derivative Inhibitors of fatty acid synthase. Org Lett, 8(20):4497-500 (2006). PubMed

For more publications, see listing on PubMed.

Contact Information:

Department: Microbial and Molecular Pathogenesis
Address: 2121 W. Holcombe Blvd
Houston, Texas 77030
Phone: 713-677-7700

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