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Structural and Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics

Houston, Texas

A BCM research lab.
Structural and Computational Biology & Molecular Biophysics
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Our curriculum is designed to meet the specific needs of students with B.S. degrees in biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, or engineering. The overall philosophy of the course requirements is to prepare the students in both the specialized areas of research and in cell and molecular biology. Because our students come from a variety of academic backgrounds we design each students curriculum based on their individual needs. Students are required to complete 30 didactic course hours with a grade of B or better.

Note: Courses at Baylor College of Medicine are scheduled in eight-week terms. Courses at the University of Houston, Rice University, and The University of Texas – Houston Health Science Center are based on 16-week semesters.

SCBMB Course Requirements

  • Advanced Topics in SCBMB (GS-SB-430) Terms 1, 2, 4 - Cr: 1 each term
  • Method and Logic (GS-GS-523) Term 2 – Cr: 3
  • Molecular Biophysics (BIOC 551) Fall Semester at Rice – Cr: 3 each Terms 1-2
  • Seminar in Computational Biology (GS-SB-404) Fall and Spring semesters at Rice - Cr: 1 each semester
  • Computational Mathematics for Quantitatve Biomedicine (GS-SB-401) Term 1-2 - Cr: 8
  • ABC: Applications to Biology of Computation (GS-GS-527), Term 2- Cr:2
  • Science as a Profession - Ethics (GS-GS-514), Term 1 - Cr: 1
  • Structural Basis of Human Diseases (GS-SB-423J) Term 4 - Cr: 1
  • Research Design (GS-GS-522), Term 4 – Cr: 3
  • A computational course at Rice or UH (upon Director’s approval) – 1 semester
  • Electives:
    • Any course in the Graduate School Service Curriculum
    • Electron Cryomicroscopy for Molecules and Cells (GS-SB-410), Term 4 – Cr: 3 (taught odd years only)
    • Advanced X-ray Crystallography (GS-SB-403), Term 4 - Cr: 3 (taught even years only)
    • Practical Introduction to Programming (GS-SB-406), Term 3 – Cr: 3
    • Computer Aided Discovery Methods (GS-SB-405), Term 4
    • Bioinformatics: From Sequence to Structure (Stat 470) Spring semester at Rice – Cr: 6
    • Courses offered at Rice, UH, or UTH as approved by the Directors

The following is an example of course work for a first-year student:

Term 1

  • Advanced Topics in SCBMB (GS-SB-430)
  • Computational Mathematics for Quantitative Biomedicine (GS-SB-401)
  • Molecular Biophysics (BIOS551)
  • Research Rotation (GS-SB-549)
  • Science as a Profession (GS-GS-514)
  • Seminar in Computational Biology (GS-SB-404)
  • Science As a Profession (GS-GS-514)
  • 1 or 2 Electives

Term 2

  • Advanced Topics in SCBMB (GS-SB-430)
  • Computational Mathematics for Quantitative Biomedicine (GS-SB-401)
  • Method & Logic (GS-GS-523)
  • Molecular Biophysics (BIOS 551)
  • Research Rotation (GS-SB-549_
  • Seminar in Computational Biology (GS-SB-404)

Term 3

  • Research Rotation (GS-SB-549)
  • Seminar in Computational Biology (GS-SB-404)
  • 1 or 2 Electives

Term 4

  • Advanced Topics in SCBMB (GS-SB-430)
  • Research Design (GS-GS-522)
  • Research Rotation (GS-SB-549)
  • Seminar in Computational Biology (GS-SB-404)
  • Structural Basis of Human Disease (GS-SB-423J)
  • Elective

Term 5

  • Research Rotation (GS-SB-549)
  • Elective

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