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MDMPH Dual Degree

Houston, Texas

BCM faculty, staff and trainees are the heart of the organization.
Office of Undergraduate Medical Education
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Student Testimonials

"I would recommend the M.D./MPH program to anyone who is curious about the many ways that social, cultural or environmental factors help or hinder our efforts to heal our patients. In medical school, we focus mostly on learning about disease; there is time for little else.

Public health school gives you the flexibility to explore your own interests, from the perspective of health."

—Joey Nichols

"The M.D./MPH initiative really demonstrates BCM's drive to provide opportunities for future physicians to expand their understanding of health and health care. The training, resources, and faculty support truly opens up a vast array of possibilities in traditional realms such as patient care and research as well as other realms of health including community-based health programs, health policy development, and healthcare administration."

—Junaid Niazi

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