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  • Benjamin R. Arenkiel – Synaptogenesis in development and adulthood
  • Hugo J. Bellen – Mitochondria and neuronal degeneration, synaptic transmission and technology development
  • Rui Chen – Functional genomics of visual system development and diseases; High throughput technology
  • Mauro Costa-Mattioli – Cellular and molecular mechanism of memory storage
  • Benjamin Deneen – Glial cell development and disease
  • Herman Dierick – Genetic and neurobiological mechanism of Drosophila aggression
  • Andrew K. Groves – Development and regeneration of the inner ear
  • Hamed Jafar-Nejad – Developmental glycobiology; Notch signaling
  • Milan Jamrich – Pattern formation and regeneration in mice and Xenopus
  • Joanna Jankowsky – Functional consequences of Aβ accumulation in Alzheimer's disease
  • Hui-Chen Lu – Molecular mechanisms of cortical map development
  • Mirjana Maletic-Savatic – Imaging and metabolomics and neurogenesis
  • Graeme Mardon – Molecular mechanisms controlling retinal development
  • Jeffrey L. Neul – Rett Syndrome pathophysiology and treatment
  • Matthew N. Rasband – Role of neuronal-glial signaling in brain development, function, injury and disease
  • Marco Sardiello – Regulatory networks of cell metabolism and neurological disorders
  • Joshua M. Shulman – Understanding the bases for susceptibility to neurodegenerative disease
  • Roy V. Sillitoe – Developmental origins of complex neurological conditions
  • Kimberley R. Tolias – Molecular signaling pathways in structural development and plasticity of dendrites and synapses
  • Ming-Jer Tsai – Role of transcription factors in development and diseases
  • Sophia Y. Tsai – Physiological role of nuclear receptors during development
  • Kartik Venkatachalam – Signal transduction in the Drosophila nervous system
  • Meng Wang – Systemic studies of endocrine and metabolic signaling in promoting healthy aging
  • Hui Zheng – Molecular genetics of Alzheimer's disease
  • Huda Y. Zoghbi – Neural development, neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders

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