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Clinical Scientist Training Program

Houston, Texas

The Alkek Building at Baylor College of Medicine
Clinical Scientist Training Program
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All students are required to have a primary mentor to guide them in their research proposal. The mentor's responsibilities are:

  1. Provide the laboratory space and resources for the student
  2. Provide a helpful, constructively critical and supportive learning environment
  3. Oversee the student's progress
  4. Facilitate the student's submission of semi-annual progress reports
  5. Attend the annual one-day program retreat with the student

Selection of a mentor is an important process. Your mentor should be interested in furthering your career as a physician scientist, and have the time to devote to your support. The NIH likes mentors to be NIH funded, showing, in the NIH's eyes at least, that they are successful investigators. A good mentor can be the key to a good start to your career.

Also important is a committee with whom to talk about ideas and get different points of view and guidance. Degree students must have a committee of at least three people, and CAQ students should have a committee of two.

If you would like help choosing a mentor, contact us at 713-798-7132 or by e-mail.

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