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Clinical Scientist Training Program

Houston, Texas

The Alkek Building at Baylor College of Medicine
Clinical Scientist Training Program
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K23 (NIH Mentored Research Development Award)

Mentored research is a large component of the Clinical Scientist Training Program. One of the aims for the first year of the program is for you to produce a complete K23 NIH grant application.

Below is the outline for an application, which is due in full on April 1. Of course it is understood that this may not be your final draft, but will be modified as your thinking evolves.

We expect you to get help from your committee, and, to a limited extent, your mentor. This must be your project, not your mentor's, the aim being for you to learn how to write an independent proposal.

Application Outline

All applications are now submitted on-line to

Numbers 10-15 must be a total of no more than 12 pages

  1. Budget
  2. Biographical sketch, applicant -- all biosketches must now have a personal statement at the top of the first page. This should state why the person is a good fit for the proposed project.
  3. Biographical sketch, mentor
  4. Resources
  5. Letters of reference
  6. Statements by mentor and collaborators
  7. Description of institutional environment, resources
  8. Institutional commitment to applicant's research career development -- letter from Department Chair
  9. Project Summary
  10. Candidate's Background
  11. Career Goals and Objectives
  12. Career Development/Training Activities During Award Period
  13. Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research
  14. Specific Aims -- 1 page
  15. Research Strategy

a. Significance

b. Innovation

c. Approach

1. Methods

2. Preliminary Studies

16. Literature Cited

17. You, and all personnel, must submit a Conflict of Interest form.

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