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Education at Baylor College of Medicine

Becoming a leader in healthcare or science does not begin or end in the years spent training. Rather it is a process of lifetime. Baylor College of Medicine programs are designed to develop life-long learners, continuously striving to know more, to do more, to help more.

Through numerous educational outreach programs we start as early as kindergarten to cultivate passion for medicine and science. Continuing medical education programs provide the tools for our physicians as well as for physicians throughout the region and beyond to keep abreast of the latest advances.

Our medical school, graduate school, school of allied health sciences, and school of tropical medicine each have their own innovative curriculum and their own claims to status as among the best in the nation. But, they all share a common vision, to help each student and trainee realize his or her full potential.

With access to the resources of Baylor and the Texas Medical Center, our students and trainees have the flexibility to shape their education to meet their individual goals. Teaching faculty and mentors are leaders in their fields and are committed to helping our trainees identify and pursue their goals. 

With eight affiliated hospitals, most of them within walking distance of campus, our students and trainees have access to diverse clinical training experiences unparalleled elsewhere. The Houston Academy of Medicine-TMC Library is one of the largest medical research libraries in the nation, giving our students and trainees access to more than 172 databases and 9,000 electronic journals.

The best measures of our success are our alumni, who are chairing academic departments, leading medical schools and graduate programs, running pharmaceutical companies, conducting groundbreaking research, spearheading international initiatives, and providing exceptional healthcare.

Explore our many educational programs and determine if a Baylor College of Medicine education is right for you.