Well-Being Index


Baylor College of Medicine invites all staff, faculty, trainees and students to use the Well-Being Index.

The Well-Being Index is a 100 percent anonymous, web-based tool developed by the Mayo Clinic to evaluate workplace/learning environment burnout in just seven to nine questions. The WBI can be taken every seven days and provides immediate individualized feedback and resources to support your well-being. It allows users to compare their scores to their peers as well as track progress over time to promote self-awareness.

All WBI scores are anonymous and respondent answers cannot be traced back to you. Your individual information is never shared with Baylor. Aggregate data are reported to Baylor, but only if five or more people in your group use this tool.

How Baylor Uses this Information

Baylor uses it to monitor how learners and employees are doing (group level data) and to help advocate for resources where improvements are needed.

BCM BeWell offers 150 BeWell points twice a year for using the WBI, for a total of 300 points per year.

How to access your WBI certificate and submit it for BeWell points

Once you have completed your assessment, click the certificate icon on the blue left-side bar. Enter your full name to appear on the certificate and choose how the certificate is sent to you. The certificate shows only your name, not your scores.

Trainees, staff and faculty may upload their WBI certificate to the Vitality portal, then select Resources > Guide to Vitality and click "Vitality Points" in the left column for a drop-down menu. Select "Healthcare Support," see "Well-Being Index" at the top and click "submit for points" button on the right.

Students may email their WBI certificate to BCM-LIFE and their points will be awarded. Contact Suzette Roldan if you have questions.


Login Instructions


Use your Well-Being Index invitation code to login to the WBI for the first time. Please include the spaces in the password.

Faculty & Trainees

  • Physician Faculty: BCM PHYSICIAN
  • Scientists (Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D.): BCM GSBS
  • Resident and Fellow Physicians: BCM HOUSESTAFF
  • School of Health Professions Faculty: BCM HEALTHPROF
  • All Other BCM Clinicians: OTHER CLINICIAN


  • School of Health Professions Students: HEALTHPROF STUDENTS
  • Medical Students: BCM MEDSTUDENT
  • Graduate Students / Postdoctoral Basic Science Research Fellows: GSBS STUDENT/POSTDOC


  • Educational Staff: BCM EDUCATION
  • All Other BCM Staff: BCM STAFF

Your information is 100 percent anonymous.

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