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Intervention Program


The Wellness Intervention Program is designed for students who require a higher level of intervention and are referred by their deans or program director.

The Wellness Intervention Team is a multidisciplinary group that assesses these students and makes recommendations to a referring dean/program director. Assessments could addresses whether a student should receive a fitness for duty evaluation, if they should take a leave of absence, if they can return from a leave of absence or if they need random drug screening. 

The WIT keeps a student’s protected health information confidential so no diagnoses or other confidential info is released to the academic side. The WIT helps students to get additional resources and supports them in their efforts to balance healthcare needs while in school. 

The WIT also interfaces with students’ outside health care providers to ensure that the health care provider’s recommendations are taken into consideration. A formal WIT report is written for each referral. A student can be referred once or multiple times for different needs. The referrals and official WIT reports serve as documentation for the academic side. 


Student Wellness Intervention Team (WIT) FAQs