Full Professor Process


Faculty members at the full professor rank with an extensive history of educational activities and a minimum of three years at the College may apply for a Norton Rose Fulbright Faculty Excellence Award in the Full Professor Process. This process was developed for senior faculty members. This process has similar quantity, quality and breadth requirements as the other categories, but the quantity of required mini-portfolio submission materials is reduced. In addition, those wishing to combine their various types of teaching activities into one portfolio may do so.


The mini-portfolio accepted in this process:

  • Is not acceptable as part of a tenure package.
  • Is largely based on activities in the last five years.
  • May include activities from previous years, but these activities are weighed less than those educational activities accomplished in the last five years.

It is expected that senior faculty members:

  • Will have many more accomplishments than are necessary to qualify for the award, but
  • Applicants need only present the quantity and documentation of quality and breadth of activities to meet the level of the examples in this process.

Structured Summary


A structured summary in the format of the examples must include a list of major teaching activities for the last five years with some documentation of quality (e.g., a teaching award or student evaluations).

Be sure to make reference to the documentation in your structured summary by number or name (e.g., “Reference the structural summary examples for table of learner evaluations in Appendix A"; “See test score summary in Appendix B”).


Standard Setting Examples


Each of these examples have been prepared using a template which you should use in your mini-portfolio.

Example 1
Basic scientist at the full professor level predominantly focused on mentoring.

Example 2
Basic scientist at the full professor level primarily involved in lecturing and lab teaching.

Example 3
M.D. in a clinical department at the full professor level primarily involved in teaching and mentoring.

Example 4
M.D. in a clinical department at the full professor level involved in teaching, leadership and development of enduring educational materials.


Personal Statement


A personal statement of not more one page that addresses the following questions:

  • What are your educational goals for learners?
  • How have you prepared yourself to meet the goals?
  • What method(s) do you use to assure you are meeting these goals?
  • How do you share what you have learned about teaching with your peers and junior colleagues (e.g., mentoring)?

Letter of Support


One letter of support from a full professor at Baylor College of Medicine documenting the educational excellence of the applicant.


Table of Appendices and Supporting Documentation

  • Organize supporting documents into clearly labeled appendices, using the standard-setting examples as a model. This section should not exceed 26 pages and may be as short as 2 or 3 pages in the Full Professor Process.
  • If included, summarize numeric learner evaluations into tables and list only samples of illustrative written documents. Do not include copies of individual rating forms.
  • Solicited letters are not a component of the full professor's application.
  • The documentation you provide will enable the peer review panel to "audit" the quality information you include on your structured summary.

Curriculum Vitae