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Distance Learning Primer


What is It?


The distance learning primer course is offered to all core faculty at Baylor College of Medicine. The primer course is divided into four sections:  

  • Introduction to Digital Teaching
  • Planning & Developing Your Course
  • Assessing Learners Online
  • Engaging Learners Online



Distance Learning Primer – Modules and Learning Objectives

Section Title/Topic

Learning Objectives

1 Introduction to Digital Teaching
  • Differentiate the major components of four fundamental learning theories and their implications for contemporary learning and teaching practices.
  • Describe learning principles that underpin digital teaching and learning.
  • Define digital teaching.
  • Recognize e-learning pedagogical models and delivery approaches. (Online, F-2-F, Blended)
  • Identify the common features of Learning Management Systems/Blackboard
2 Planning and Developing Your Course
  • Describe the characteristics of creating effective learning content.
  • Begin planning a well-designed course navigation and structure in order to provide clear navigation for students.
  • Introduce the “Course Strategy Planning Worksheet” –
  • Aligning Learning Outcomes to Assessments to Activities
  • Choose the appropriate activity types to support the content of the online course.
  • Identify the types of tools that can be used to create dynamic learning content.
3 Assessing Learners Online
  • Define the characteristics of effective learner assessment and feedback in a digital world.
  • Discuss the principles for collecting and providing feedback in the online learning environment.
  • Distinguish between formative and summative assessment methods and relate them to good practice in course design.
  • Recognize the role of rubrics for assessing learners.
  • Recognize the range and benefits of different assessment types within an LMS & ExamSoft


4 Engaging Learners Online
  • Define collaborative learning and list the benefits.
  • Identify examples of synchronous and asynchronous collaborative learning tools.
  • Explore strategies for enabling successful collaborative learning.
  • Explore strategies for incorporating web and video conferencing into e-learning classrooms.




How to Register


Fall 2020 Training Schedule

This training schedule is in two parts. (1) Distance Learning Primer Training Schedule and (2) Academic Tech Tools Schedule.  It’s recommended that learners attain at least partial completion prior to taking part 2 workshops.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Interactive Instruction and Innovative Delivery Team at ed-innovationcore@bcm.edu.