Center for Professionalism Committees


Partners in Professionalism

Media Component
Members of the committee standing as a group
Dr. Uma Ayalla, Dr. Shannon Ronca, Dr. Leah Oren-Palmer, Dr. Vandana Shah, Dr. Ellen M. Friedman, Dr. Kelli Barbour, Dr. Stacey Rose, Dr. Eric Swindell and Dr. Paige Farinholt. Not pictured are: Dr. Melissa Carbajal, Dr. Kim-Lan Czelusta, Dr. Oluwatosin Fatusin, Dr. Holland Kaplan, Dr. Geeta Singhal and Dr. Linessa Zuniga.

The Partnership Committee consists of a nominated group of physicians who will contribute actively to insure a positive change, to create a culture of civility, compassion, and connection through professionalism.

The Partners in Professionalism supports and promotes the center’s mission by:

  • Representing the interests and concerns of identified stakeholders
  • Facilitating communication about center initiatives, activities and events
  • Providing leadership in educational, research and clinical efforts that advance professionalism and professional identity formation
  • Recognizing exemplary behavior and communication


POP Award Committee


The POP award Committee receives and reviews every POP Award nomination to ensure it includes a specified example of an observed professional behavior. Once approved the nomination is passed to the nominee's chief to confirm the individual is a member of good professional standing within their department. 


Mini Grant Review Committee


The Mini Grant Committee receives and reviews all Mini Grant Applications to ensure applications support the mission of the College and have a direct impact on learners.