Sim lab (320x240)
credit: Scott HolmesTraining on a laparoscopic simulator.

Core Lab services for surgical research support or training events.

Operating room – sterile or non-sterile.
Anesthesia support for animal species.

Surgical Instruments (custom packs made on request; sterilization services available).

Endoscopic, laparoscopic and arthroscopic resources available.

Portable fluoroscopic imaging.

Assistance with development of IACUC protocol.

Support of cadaver specimens for research or training (anatomical specimens available through Willed Body Program).

Educational Services

The simulation lab includes task trainers, full body surgical simulation and team training and virtual reality platforms for general surgery, neurosurgery, vascular, cardiology, gynecology, emergency medicine GI, anesthesia and orthopedics.

Virtual Reality Simulation Platforms available:

            Simbionix LAP Mentor        
            Simbionix ANGIO Mentor
            Simbionix GI Mentor
            Simbionix HystSim
            VirtaMed ArthroS

Full Body Simulator:

Surgical Chloe (GYN surgical simulator with integrative technology for team training such as code, malignant hyperthermia, fire in the OR).

Task Trainers:

            Extensive list available upon request


Fully integrated with audio visual equipment, speaker’s podium, HD projector, two way conferencing capability.

Equipment and Space Rental

We can assist with coordinating events, booking classrooms, operating rooms,  coordinating security and catering services.  As well as oversight and coordination of equipment/supplies being shipped in/out for training events.