Department of Surgery Think Tank (DoSI)

Exploring New Ideas

The goals of the Department of Surgery Think Tank (DoSI-TT) sessions are to offer DoSI members a chance to openly discuss and explore new ideas and avenues of thought amongst their peers in a productive and collaborative environment. DoSI-TT sessions are held every two months and are based on a particular theme. Previous themes can be found in the archive list below. The DoSI-TT sessions also act as a means of monitoring DoSI projects and developments. 

Previous DoSI-TT Themes:

February 2017 – “Organ Support Systems

Overview: Specifically, a DoSI Innovation Challenge was launched to foster collaboration and developments into “Artificial/replacement liver system for acute and terminal liver disease”. The discussion, led by Dr. Steven Curley, highlighted the complexity of liver functions as well as previous attempts to design artificial devices and systems that mimic liver metabolic and functional pathways. Special guest, Dr. Jim Kelly (pioneer in the field of Extracorporeal Liver Assist Device, ELAD) was also in the audience. Dr. Billy Cohn finished off the night in style by giving an outstanding update on his total artificial heart project: a modified version of the talk he gave earlier that day at JLabs entitled “Past, Present and Future of the Total Artificial Heart

December 2016 – “Make Simulations Great Again
Overview: The topic of artificial 3D surgical simulators for abdominal aortic aneurysm repair was discussed in a bid to refine the forthcoming December surgical hackathon challenges. Dr. Swami Gnanashanmugam also gave a discussion on Gradient Therapeutics and a Novel Treatment for Pulmonary Hypertension.