Creative Enterprise Advances Surgical Science

The INSTINCT Incubator (aka Department of Surgery Incubator, DoSI) has a single goal: to translate ideas into fully functional prototypes for patent submissions. Originally setup in 2013 by Dr. Billy Cohn, DoSI leverages its resources and extensive network to identify what is needed to allow for fast-track development of your idea(s).

Given the time demands placed upon surgeons and physicians, it can be a tough and rigorous ordeal to get their ideas into reality. DoSI provides a solution to this. We do the hard part so you don’t have to.

By working with INSTINCT, you will have access to an extensive and multi-disciplined array of skill sets, resources, R&D capabilities, entrepreneurs, and investment opportunities. At every stage of the process, DoSI goes to great lengths to ensure complete confidentiality and protection of your ideas in order to maximize your intellectual property and inventor rights.

To date, we have assisted in the development and patent filing of over a dozen medical devices, solutions, and systems. The exchange of ideas engendered by INSTINCT represents academic medicine functioning at its highest level of excellence. The Department of Surgery is pleased to sponsor and support this creative enterprise for the advancement of surgical science and the good of our patients.