Each team will consist of three to four members who will be matched with a Baylor College of Medicine clinical mentor. During the four-month process, the teams will have access to Baylor innovation and development resources, will be fully funded for supplies and research costs, and will be guided along the full prototyping process.

We will run three back-to-back innovation crusades each year, the timing of which will align with the following academic calendar:

2018 Sessions

Session I (Spring)

Orientation: Dec. 11 - 15

Project Timeline: Jan. 1 - April 30

Session II (Summer)

Orientation: April 30 - May 4

Project Timeline: May 1 - August 31

Session III (Fall)

Orientation: Aug. 27 - 31

Project Timeline: Sept. 1 - Dec. 31

Applications are taken on a rolling basis.