Interdisciplinary Surgical Technology and Innovation Center

Incubating the Future of Disruptive Innovation

INSTINCT (The Interdisciplinary Surgical Technology and Innovation Center) aims to incubate, identify, develop, and deploy disruptive surgical systems and technologies into the clinic.

Our technology and innovation projects coalesce in a synergistic approach to offer paradigm-shifting solutions to critical surgical complications. In addition, INSTINCT offers a clear and fast track policy to implement, adopt, and trial these technologies within its affiliated healthcare network. 

Working with its academic, government, and industrial partners, and organized, run, and managed by the Baylor College of Medicine Department of Surgery Incubator (DoSI), INSTINCT offers a truly unique experience to its participants and is aligned with the mission of making the Texas Medical Center the ‘Third Coast’ for medical innovation and technologies.

INSTINCT offers unique resources to allow for prototype development and networking. Such examples are:

INSTINCT Incubator

Founded in 2013 by Dr. Billy Cohn, INSTINCT has gained great momentum and experience in assisting with fabrication and prototyping of medical devices and technologies. We currently have 32+ projects ongoing and seek innovative ‘makers and minders’ to help us build working proof of concept. 

INSTINCT Think Tanks

Bi-monthly working group focusing on various ideas and solutions overcome current problems in surgery and healthcare in general.

INSTINCT Innovation Campaigns

Back-to-back four-month innovation projects for ‘makers and minders’ are funded to build, prototype, and patent ongoing INSTINCT projects. These campaigns are tailor-made and ideal for undergraduate engineers wishing to get hands-on experience.

INSTINCT Hackathons

Short duration prototype challenges.

INSTINCT Seed Grant Program on Engineering Solutions in Surgery

The Seed Grants should lead to self-sustaining, nationally competitive research programs that will address critically important problems related to surgery. It is expected that recipients of the seed grants will submit an extramural grant application related to the seed grant.

INSTINCT Summer Innovation Program

An intensive six-week innovation program is offered to students and interested participants.

INSTINCT Surgical Collaboration Day

Our annual event is dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration within the TMC community and beyond.