Bijan Najafi, Ph.D. (320x240)
Bijan Najafi, Ph.D., MSc.

Bijan Najafi, Ph.D., MSc., professor of surgery and director of iCAMP (Interdisciplinary Consortium on Advanced Motion Performance) at Baylor College of Medicine, his research team and joint collaborator Biosensics LLC were awarded a $225,000 NIH-STTR Phase 1 grant to design an innovative therapeutic game-based exercise to improve balance and mobility in patients undergoing hemodialysis.

Key investigators from Baylor on this project include Joseph L. Mills, Sr., M.D., professor of surgery and chief of the Division of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy, Mandayam Sreedhar, M.D., associate professor of medicine and director of clinical services for the Section of Nephrology, and He Zhou, Ph.D., postdoctoral associate at iCAMP.

Dr. Najafi said, “Balance, mobility, falls, and foot problems are serious problems for older adults who are undergoing hemodialysis process. Many of these patients visit clinics multiple times a week to receive hemodialysis, providing an optimal opportunity for intervention. We are developing an interactive foot and ankle exercise game that can be played during hemodialysis to improve mobility and balance, as well as to improve blood flow to the feet helping to reduce foot ulcers.”

Led by Dr. Najafi, iCAMP is an interdisciplinary research and development collaboration that engages creative teams from vascular surgery, orthopedics, podiatry, nursing, geriatrics and engineering at Baylor College of Medicine. In addition to local research initiatives, iCAMP researchers partner with a host of businesses, analysts and research team worldwide to foster advances in the field of motion performance.

Funded in part by NIH grants, the iCAMP team has been developing first-of-their-kind “smart” wearable technologies that have shown enormous promise in identifying disease state and preventing lower limb loss and falls in older adults.