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Houston, Texas

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Cardiovascular MRI Fellowship

Benjamin Cheong, M.D.
Program Director

Fellows in this program will spend a 12-month period on a clinical and clinical research rotation in the St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital/Texas Heart Institute.

Fellows who successfully complete this program will have a thorough knowledge of cardiovascular MRI and, in particular, appropriate imaging technique and selection for various pathophysiologic states, patient management prior to, during, and following imaging procedure (particularly those requiring pharmacologic intervention), as well as an ability for detailed image interpretation and correlation of clinical context.

Fellows will receive extensive education regarding handling and appropriate triage of inpatients and outpatients for imaging procedures. Trainees will also become skilled in:

  • Performance of post processing of imaging data for determination of left and right ventricular function
  • Wall motion abnormalities
  • Valvular function and dysfunction
  • Flow quantification techniques
  • 3D vascular imaging presentations of large (e.g., thoracic and abdominal aorta) to small vessels (e.g., coronary arteries)

Appropriate time will be made available for trainees for initiation, development, and completion of research projects throughout the year.

Requirements for this program include completion of training in a radiology residency or cardiology fellowship or fellowship training in nuclear medicine with an emphasis in cardiac imaging. The fellow must be able to be licensed in the state of Texas with either a permanent or a physician-in-training permit.

Contact Information

Please contact Ben Cheong, M.D. or Mary R. Jones at 832-355-6676 or for more information.

Cardiovascular MRI Application

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