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Recent Publications


Recent Publications


The following are recent publications from musculoskeletal radiologists and fellows. The following are recent publications from musculoskeletal radiologists and fellows. Texas Children's Hospital Pediatric Radiology faculty are in bold; trainees’ names are in italics with an asterisk.


Journal Articles


Foster CE, Taylor M, Schallert EK, Rosenfeld DS, King KY. Brodie’s abscess in children: A ten-year single institution retrospective review. Pediatr Infect Dis J 2018 (pending publication)

Gomez JE, Molina DD, Rettig SD, Kan JH. Bone bruises in children and adolescents are not associated with ligament ruptures. Orthop J Sports Med, (accepted and pending publication 2018)

Ditzler M*, Kan JH, Artunduaga M*, Jadhav S, Bell B, Zhang W, Orth R. Modified Friedman technique: a new proposed method of measuring glenoid version in the setting of glenohumeral dysplasia. Pediatr Radiol 2018 (pending publication)

Kan JH, Orth RC, Yen TA, Schallert EK, Zhang W, Donnelly LF. Impact on quality when pediatric urgent care centers are staffed with radiology technologists. J Am Coll Radiol 2018 (pending publication)

Schroeder KM*, Haruno LS*, Browne TS, Snow EE, Kan JH, Hill JF. Evaluation of postoperative magnetic resonance imaging for pediatric orthopedic patients following hardware implantation. Current Orthopaedic Practice, 29(2):140-3, 2018.

Jadhav SR, More SR, Shenava V, Zhang W, Kan JH. Utility of immediate postoperative hip MRI in developmental hip dysplasia: closed vs open reduction. Pediatr Radiol 48(8):1096-1199, 2018.

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Nguyen A*, Kan JH, Bisset GS III, Rosenfeld SB. Kocher criteria revisited in the era of MRI: how often does the Kocher criteria identify underlying osteomyelitis?. J Pediatr Orthop 2017. 27(2): E114-9.

Pierce D*, Kan JH, May M, Bisset GS. Pre-authorization processes have no effect on patients undergoing knee MRI in a pediatric setting when evaluated by specialists. Skeletal Radiol 46(2): 171-5, 2017.

Holt AM, Starosolski Z, Kan JH, Rosenfeld SB. Rapid prototyping 3D model in treatment of pediatric hip dysplasia: a case report. Iowa Orthop J. 37:157-62, 2017

Lin JL, Guillerman RP, Russell HV, Lupo PJ, Nicholls L, Okcu MF. Does routine imaging of patients for progression or relapse improve survival in rhabdomyosarcoma? Pediatr Blood Cancer 2016;63:202-205

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