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Department of Psychiatry

Houston, Texas

The Alkek Building at Baylor College of Medicine
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Message from the Department Chair

Thank you for expressing interest in residency education in Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine. I hope to communicate to you my enthusiasm for the current strengths of the field of Psychiatry, in general, and specifically for our residency education program in Psychiatry at Baylor.

The residency education program of the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine is tightly organized, meticulously managed, intellectually challenging, and most importantly, a happy and nurturing experience. Under the direction of Andrea Stolar, M.D., Baylor's residency education program in Psychiatry is recognized as a national model for pluralism, balance, educational innovation, and resident morale.

The full-time and voluntary faculties at Baylor are among the largest and most highly-qualified faculties of psychiatry in the country. They are distinguished by their prioritization of teaching among their other academic and professional goals. Baylor provides psychiatry leadership nationally in educational contributions that add both substance and prestige to the residency training program. Residents also benefit from one of the nation's largest and most active voluntary faculty who provide outstanding educational activities informed by their experience in the private sector. The latter include individual supervision of residents treating patients in long-term psychotherapy, working closely with private practitioners on the assessment and treatment of inpatients at The Methodist Hospital, working with patients and families in outpatient settings, assisting psychiatrists as they perform as expert witnesses, and many other diverse and challenging opportunities.

All faculty at Baylor pride themselves at being accessible to residents, and this includes faculty whose primary areas of interest are research-related. I am personally involved in most aspects of residency education -- from conceptualization of the core curriculum, to teaching in large and small group settings, to providing individual supervision for residents on specific patients. My personal goal is to know each resident individually, to ensure that their educational experience is of the highest quality and relevance, to maintain an educational atmosphere that is positive, upbeat, and supportive, and to develop a lasting relationship that will be supportive of each resident's unique long-term professional goals. In this "hands-on" fashion, I gain not only the satisfaction of being an involved educator, but also have the data and confidence to recommend Baylor's residency education program without reservations to all applicants seeking a balanced, eclectic, future-focused, educational experience.

Stuart Yudofsky, M.D.
Professor and Chair

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