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BCM - Baylor College of Medicine

Giving life to possible

Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Joint Faculty: Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Holly Hyde Birdsall, M.D., Ph.D.



  • 713-794-7775

Major R Bradshaw, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


  • (713) 725-5000

Neuropsychological assessment of patients with a wide range of neurological and psychiatric disorders.; Dementia; ALS; Neuropsychiatric disorders

James H Bray, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


  • 713-798-7751

Clinical, Health, Family Psychology

Gerald I Busch, M.D.

Clin Asst Prof


  • 713-798-7904

Lee C Chang, M.D.

Associate Program Director / Assistant Professor

John A Dani, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

Gina Evans

Assistant Professor

William E Fann, M.D.

Max Hirshkowitz, Ph.D.

Joseph Shimon Kass, M.D., J.D.

Anthony Joseph Kerrigan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

David Michael Latini, PhD

Associate Professor


  • 713-659-9237

Health professions education; Quality of life; Cancer survivorship; Health literacy

Robert J McLaughlin, Ph.D.

Interim Dean for the School of Allied Health Sciences


  • 713-798-4613

Carmen Mikhail, Ph.D.

William A Myerson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Aanand Dinkar Naik, M.D.

Lucy Puryear Nutter, M.D.

Nicholas Pastorek

Assistant Professor

Maria E Velez, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Quality of care; Epidemiology, screening and surveillance of gastrointestinal cancers; Colorectal cancer screening; Gastrointestinal bleeding…