Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences



Fellows are encouraged to attend Baylor Psychiatry's Grand Rounds, which are held every Wednesday throughout the academic year and include a variety of topics related to the history and practice of psychiatry. Fellows are also encouraged to attend Baylor Psychiatry's Journal Club. Additionally, fellows are invited to participate in the MEDVAMC Psychiatry Noon Conference, held every other Monday throughout the academic year.

The clinical faculty leads weekly didactics for the Addictions fellows. The Fundamentals of Addictions course focuses on readings from seminal texts in the field, examining the neurobiology of addiction, and studying the mechanism of action, clinical presentation, and treatment for each substance of abuse. This course is also geared toward preparing fellows for the board examination in Addiction Psychiatry. The Psychotherapeutics of Addiction course introduces the concept of addiction as a behavioral and psychodynamic phenomenon as well as providing instruction in the treatment of addictive disorders using various psychotherapy modalities (including CBT, DBT, MET, ACT and contingency management).