Baylor College of Medicine OCD Program Team (320x240)
Baylor College of Medicine OCD Program Team

The Baylor College of Medicine Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Program offers individualized evidenced based treatment for individuals with OCD. The gold standard treatment for OCD is exposure with response prevention, also known as ERP, which is a specific form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) known to be highly effective at treating OCD. We offer a team approach for OCD where you can obtain your needed services in one location. Currently, our services include: CBT with ERP, pharmacological and medical management, neuromodulation, and research studies for OCD. We serve all populations and accept insurance as well as self-pay clients, with a mission to serve all individuals who present to our clinic for OCD treatment.

Our team consists of OCD experts, Wayne Goodman, M.D., co-founder of the International Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Foundation and principal developer of the Y-BOCS; Eric Storch, Ph.D. who oversees the OCD clinic and specializes in the nature and treatment of childhood and adult OCD and related conditions; Elizabeth McIngvale, Ph.D., LMSW, nationally known expert in ERP and founder of Peace of Mind Foundation; Jelani Daniel, LPC, OCD expert, co-leader of the Houston OCD support group, and lead of the Houston hoarding support group; Gregory S. Vogt, clinical research manager for the clinic; plus a full complementary staff of clinicians, researchers, and social workers.

In addition to our standard treatment protocol for OCD, we prioritize clinical research to further advance the treatment of OCD and related disorders. Clinicians and researchers work together to implement studies to further enhance patient treatment and the quality of care. Our OCD research team is currently administering multiple clinical trials, one of the trials in motion comprises of evaluating Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) offered to patients with treatment refractory OCD. We find it our duty to best serve people in Houston and across the globe who are living with OCD through administering effective treatment that is highly accessible and able to be offered across multiple domains.