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Psychiatry - Anxiety Care

Houston, Texas

The Alkek Building at Baylor College of Medicine
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Calmer Life Project

Image of a peaceful landscapeCalmer Life in the Community

Calmer Life is a program funded by the South Central Mental Illness Research, Education & Clinical Center, the Retirement Research Foundation, and Archstone. Calmer Life is delivered in underserved Houston communities. The project has been underway since 2008.

The Calmer Life Program involves skills-based treatment for anxiety (anchored in evidence based cognitive behavioral treatment) for adults age 50 and older that offers the opportunity to personalize the content and delivery of skills-training. One unique feature of the Calmer Life program is the opportunity for participants to incorporate optional religion and/or spirituality into treatment.

Calmer Life in the VA

VA-HELPS is a program for Veterans who are in the Home-Based Primary Care program at the Micheal E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center. It is funded by the South Central Mental Illness Research, Education & Clinical Center. VA-HELPS also is a skills-based treatment, based in cognitive behavioral treatment, that is appropriate for anxiety and/or depression, is personalized in content and delivery, and allows participants to incorporating religion and/or spirituality into skill-learning.Calmer Life

Research Coordinator:

Maria Armento, Ph.D.
Houston Center for Quality of Care and Utilization Studies
Baylor College of Medicine and
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
Phone: 713-794-8815
Fax: 713-748-7359

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