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Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Houston, Texas

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Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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Margaret A. Nosek, Ph.D.

Photo Margaret A. Nosek, Ph.D.Professor

Graduate School: Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling and Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1984

Sub-Specialty: Psychological Independence with Physical Disabilities

Research Interests: Aging with Disabilities; Health Promotion for Women with Disabilities; Independent Living; Violence Against Women with Disabilities; Heath Care Access, Effectivenss & Costs; Health Education; Psychosocial Health

Significant Professional Activities:
  • Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, Member, Editorial Board
  • Journal of Disability Policy Studies, Member, Editorial Board
  • Journal of Rehabilitation Sciences, Member, Editorial Board
  • Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Guest Reviewer
  • Social Science and Disability, Guest Reviewer
  • Tandrea, Inc., ABLED Publications
    • Vice President
    • Founding Board Member
  • National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research, Peer Reviewer

Selected Publications:

Grabois E, Nosek MA. The Americans with disabilities act and medical providers for women - ten years after passage of the act. Policy Studies J, 29(4):682-689, 2001.

Howland CA, Nosek MA, Rossi CD. Health maintenance and personal assistance services. Houston, Baylor College of Medicine, 2001. Monograph.

Hughes RB, Swedlund N, Petersen N, Nosek MA. Depression and women with spinal cord injury. Topics in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabil, 7(1):16-24, 2001.

McFarlane J, Hughes RB, Nosek MA et al. Abuse assessment screen-disability (AAS-D): measuring frequency, type and perpetrator of abuse toward women with physical disabilities. J of Women's health and Gender-Based Medicine, 10(9): 861-866, 2001.

Nosek MA, Rintala DH, Young ME, Foley CC, Howland C, Chanpong GF, Rossi D, Bennett J, Meroney KL. National study of women with physical disabilities: final report. Sexuality and Disability, 13(1):5-40, 2001.

Parkin EF, Nosek MA. Collectivism versus independence: perceptions of independent living and independent living services by Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans with disabilities. Rehabil Ed, 14(4):375-394, 2002.

Pendergrass S, Nosek MA, Holcomb JD. Design and evaluation of an internet site to educate women with disabilities on reproductive health care. Sexuality and Disability, 19(1):71-83, 2001.

Nosek MA, Howland CA, Hughes RB. The investigation of abuse and women with disabilities: going beyond assumptions. Sexuality and Disability 7(4):477-499, 2001.

Nosek MA, Hughes RB. Psychosocial aspects of sense of self in women with physical disabilities. Journal of Rehabilitation 67(1):20-25, 2001.

Nosek MA, Foley CC, Hughes RB, Howland CA. Vulnerabilities for abuse among women with disabilities. Sexuality and Disability 19, 2001.

Nosek MA, Howland CA, Rintala DH, Young ME, Chanpong GF. National study of women with physical disabilities. Sexuality and Disability 19:5-40, 2001.

Swedlund NP, Nosek MA. An exploratory study on the work of independent living centers to address abuse of women with disabilities. Journal of Rehabilitation 66(4):57-64, 2000.

Nosek MA, Hughes RB. Navigating the road to independent living. In: Atkinson D (Ed.) Counseling Diverse Populations (3rd edition). McGraw-Hill, 2004.

Nosek MA, Hughes RB, Howland CA, et al. The meaning of health for women with physical disabilities: a qualitative analysis. J Fam & Comm Hlth, 27(1):6-22, 2004.

Nosek MA, Hughes RB, Taylor HB, Howland CA. Violence against women with disabilities: the role of physicians in filling the treatment gap. In: Welner SL, Haseltine F, (Eds.) Welner’s Guide to Care of Women with Disabilities. Philadelphia, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2004.

Nosek MA, Hughes RB, Taylor HB, Howland CA. Violence against women with disabilities. Proceedings of the Violence against People with Disabilities Conference, Alexandria Virginia, 2004. Abstract.

Nosek MA, Hughes RB, Taylor HB, Howland CA. Violence against women with disabilities. In: Marge D (Ed.) A Call to Action: Ending Crimes of Violence against Adults and Children with Disabilities. Syracuse, State University of New York-Upstate University Medical Duplicating and Printing Services, 2003.

Contact Information

Margaret A. Nosek, Ph.D.

Center for Research on Women with Disabilities
1475 West Gray, Suite 165

Houston, TX 77019
Phone/Fax: 713-523-0909

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