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Houston, Texas

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Housing and Leisure Activities

Where would I live and how expensive is housing?

Houston has a wide range of affordable housing including apartments, townhomes, homes, lofts, or condominiums. You can either lease or purchase. The cost of living in Houston tends to be much less than in other major U.S. metropolitan areas and is approximately 24 percent less than the the average of metropolitan areas of size. For example, Houston’s housing costs are 45.2 percent lower than the average found in a similar size metroplex, with expenses for grocery items 25.2 percent lower on the average.

What entertainment options are available in Houston and how expensive are they?

Houston has many entertainment options to choose from. Houston is located 50 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico and beaches are within an hour from three state parks. Houston hosts major events such as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and the International Festival. Houston has made major strides in revitalizing the downtown area, with a wide variety of restaurants, clubs and luxury living.

There are many recreational activities for the children such as the Houston Zoo, Space Center Houston and the Children’s museum.

There is something for the whole family at a moderate cost!

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