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Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Houston, Texas

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Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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BCM / UTHSC-H PM&R Alliance

In 1996, the Baylor College of Medicine Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and The University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston under the leadership of Martin Grabois, M.D., and William H. Donovan, M.D., formed the BCM/UTHSC-H Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Alliance. Forming the Alliance meant keeping our goal in mind despite adversities. We concentrated on our ultimate goal, which was coming together and achieved it through strong leadership and the realization that, in the end, both entities would significantly benefit. The Alliance is 70 faculty strong, and works at all of the nine major health care institutions in the Texas Medical Center with more than 5,000 beds, 300 of which are dedicated to rehabilitation. It collaborates and/or integrates medical student, resident, fellow and continuing medical education programs, and sponsors active research.

The Alliance is one of the pre-eminent academic departments by integrating a balanced state-of-the-art program of cost-effective, general and specialty clinical services; outstanding education programs for medical student, graduate, postgraduate and continuing education; and an excellent biomedical, behavioral, and rehabilitation outcomes research program. Through the years, the Alliance has been and continues to be a very successful endeavor that opens doors and serves as a model for other academic programs.

Historical Timeline of PM&R at the Texas Medical Center

  • 1950 - Specialty of PMR was established on the TMC campus as a division of BCM Psychiatry/Neurology.
  • 1957 - Independent Department of Rehabilitation under the direction of William A. Spencer, M.D., was established at BCM.
  • 1960 - Department of Physical Medicine was established at BCM and chaired by Lewis A Leavitt, M.D.
  • 1977 - Martin Grabois, M.D., became acting chair and assumed the chairmanship in 1978.
  • 1989 - Retirement of Dr. Spencer AND BCM combined the two departments to form the Department of PM&R with Dr. Grabois being named chair.
  • 1992 - PM&R Service was established at Hermann Hospital, an affiliated hospital of The University of Texas-Houston.
  • 1993 - PM&R became a division of the UT-H Department of Neurosurgery.
  • 1994 - Under the chairmanship of William H. Donovan, M.D., PM&R became an official department at the UTHSC-H
  • 1996 - The Baylor College of Medicine / UT Houston Medical School PM&R Alliance was formed.
  • 2009 - Gerard Francisco, M.D., was named chair of the PM&R Department of UTHSC-H.
  • 2012: After serving as chair of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for 35 years, Dr. Martin Grabois retired from the position June 30. Dr. Grabois, who has been with the College since 1973, continues to serve as professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

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