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Department of Pharmacology

Houston, Texas

BCM students are involved in research.
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Graduate Program

Pharmacology Graduate studentThe Department of Pharmacology at Baylor College of Medicine offers an advanced study program in pharmacology. This program provides unique opportunities for education and creative research in an exciting environment. Students will enrich and broaden their training through exposure to the entire spectrum of basic and clinical biomedical research, translational research, as well as contact with leading scientists in those disciplines. Graduates of the Department of Pharmacology are equipped with the tools and knowledge required to attack the unsolved problems of human diseases through investigation of drug action, drug-resistance mechanisms, gene regulation, and the development of new drugs and approaches to these medical problems.

Research Focus: Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

The current focus of the Department is in the areas of chemical biology and drug discovery. The array of topics under investigation includes analysis of enzymes responsible for antibiotic resistance, study of the molecular basis of recognition in protein-protein interactions, identification of new anticancer agents from herbal medicine, design and development of small molecule inhibitors for as treatments for infectious diseases and cancer, study of the regulation and targeting mechanisms of cGMP-dependent protein kinases.

The graduate program provides students with multidisciplinary training in modern Pharmacology including chemical synthesis, combinatorial chemistry, structural biology, and protein design and engineering.

Course of Study

During the first year of study, students will take a combination of required and elective courses and participate in research rotations and choose their mentor. A total of 30 credit/hours are required for entering the Ph.D. candidacy and students are encouraged to finish this coursework in the first year and half. In the second year, there will be a Ph.D. qualifying exam administered by faculty. Successful candidates will continue their research towards a Ph.D. thesis. Ph.D. candidates will regularly meet with their committee to facilitate their research. Candidates will participate in conferences, attend seminars, attend national and international meetings and begin to publish papers as they work towards writing and defending their Ph.D. thesis. The average time for graduation is five years.

View the current Pharmacology Graduate Program Policy.

Please visit the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences website for an application along with important information about pursuing graduate studies at Baylor College of Medicine.

Ph.D. Program Director

Pui-Kwong Chan, Ph.D.
Room 355E
Phone: 713-798-7902
Fax: 713-798-3145

Ph.D. Program Administrative Coordinator

Kim Tran
Room N520
Phone: 713-798-4457
Fax: 713-798-3145

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