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Department of Pharmacology

Houston, Texas

BCM students are involved in research.
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About Us

Our mission is to become a national leader in modern Pharmacology research and to develop scientists with the skills to succeed in basic science or translational research.

Researcher working in a Department of Pharmacology labDepartment of Pharmacology Vision

The Baylor Department of Pharmacology seeks to become nationally recognized for outstanding research in the areas of drug design, discovery and delivery and to train the next generation of scientists and physicians to lead in these areas. We intend to accomplish this vision by:

  • Establishing a leading research program in drug discovery, design, and delivery
  • Creating innovative approaches to facilitate drug design and discovery
  • Training scientists in basic research in drug design and discovery
  • Translating basic science research into therapeutic applications
  • Training scientists and physicians to translate results from basic research to clinical applications

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