The Baylor/Texas Children’s Hospital Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) Center is one of a handful of pediatric centers in the country and is the only PH center in the entire state of Texas.  Currently, we care for more than 100 children from all over Texas and throughout the southeastern United States. 

Our Team

The Baylor/Texas Children’s PH team is composed of three pediatric pulmonologists and one nurse. We also have social workers, dietitians and a pharmacist who are dedicated to the care of children with PH. Since we often care for children who live outside of the greater Houston area, we are happy to work with your local physicians to determine the best plan of care for you/your child. 

For Our Patients

The team will customize a "PH travel folder" for new patients.

Each folder contains the following:

• Educational information about PH
• Contact information for the clinic
• PH action plan (updated at each clinic visit)
• Baseline symptom chart
• Your current medication list
• Other information as desired such as research opportunities, school information, exercise plan, immunization card, growth chart

Thank you for choosing the Baylor/Texas Children’s Hospital PH Center.