Department of Pediatrics

Fellow Life - Third-Year


Jolie Britt, M.D.

Why I chose BCM/TCH fellowship: I wanted to make sure I had the opportunity to see the most volume and most complexity that I could in fellowship. I knew it would be the place I needed to train in order to become efficient and confident by seeing as many things as possible.
Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: I love being able to take care of patients with coworkers who really care about doing a great job while caring about each other. But if I am 100 percent honest, we have a LOT of fun in the fellows’ office together. The number of times I have laughed to the point of tears is difficult to count. Not everyone has a job that they love coming to work every day because of their friendships with their peers, and I feel very lucky for that.
Career goals /ambitions: Advanced Cardiac Imaging, special interest in advanced functional assessment and exercise physiology.
This surprised me about Houston: Restaurant Week is really Restaurant Month. The Houston Rodeo is a blast.
Outside of work, I spend my time: running around Hermann Park/Rice Loop, bourbon tasting at 8 Row Flint, watching college football, OKC Thunder games, or Houston Astros games depending on the season
Significant others/pets: working on that!
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (aka. the greatest minor city in the world. Wanna fight about it?)

Kyle Hope, M.D.

Why I chose BCM/TCH for fellowship: No matter what your interest in cardiology, the training here will prepare you for your pediatric cardiology career better than anyplace else. With so much clinical volume, you are exposed to the entire spectrum of pediatric cardiac conditions. You won't leave fellowship without having seen or experienced just about everything! All of this coupled with the chance to learn from the top cardiologists in the field made this an easy choice for fellowship training. 
Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: Definitely the people! I get to learn with the best group of co-fellows. We also have a wonderful department that has been so kind, supportive, and interested in our training. 
Career goals / ambitions: I will be staying at BCM/TCH for advanced training in pediatric heart failure and transplantation. Following this, I hope to pursue palliative care training and help provide a palliative care presence in pediatric cardiology.
This surprised me about Houston: The amazing food scene! Any type of food you can think of, Houston has it. You could spend your entire fellowship exploring new restaurants and not make it to them all!
Outside of work, I spend my time: Cooking! I've really gotten into cooking and baking during fellowship and really enjoy trying out new recipes. I also have recently started gardening and am excitedly watching a patio garden take shape.
Significant others: I actually met my wife in fellowship! She completed cardiology training and now is finishing a PICU fellowship. She will be an attending in the cardiac ICU with a focus on heart failure and VAD patients.
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Subhrajit Lahiri, M.D.

Why I chose BCM/TCH fellowship: I found the rare combination of a group of exceptionally talented cardiologists and cardiac surgeons who are also very nice people and easy to work with.
Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: The fellows and the core fellowship group. Very collegial, supportive, and collaborative- makes me look forward to coming to the hospital everyday.
Career goals /ambitions: I will continue at Texas Children's Hospital as a fellow in Interventional Cardiology.
This surprised me about Houston: The city’s food scene is exceptional- I knew this was a cosmopolitan city with has variety of food, but what I found far exceeded my expectations! 
Outside of work, I spend my time: Exploring restaurants & bars; trying out different spinning classes in town.
Significant others/pets: I live here with my wife, who is a resident, and a cute little Chihuahua.
Hometown: Kolkata, India

Judson Moore, M.D.

Why I chose BCM/TCH fellowship: volume/complexity of clinical exposure, subspecialty opportunities, and positive experiences during my residency at BCM/TCH.
Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship: My co-fellows!
Career goals /ambitions: I will be doing a 4th year combining advanced cardiac imaging and quality improvement / patient safety. My career goals are to have a position that incorporates imaging, QI, and medical education.
This surprised me about Houston: As a native Houstonian, I thought I knew the town pretty well but always seem to find new parks, restaurants, and city-wide events to unwind from work. 
Outside of work, I spend my time: Outdoor activities, woodworking, and ultimate frisbee
Significant others/pets: My wife, Jenny, is an elementary school teacher. We have a daughter, Lily, and dog, Oliver. 
Hometown: Houston, TX

Anna Venardos, M.D.

Why I chose BCM/TCH fellowship: one of the top programs in the country, huge volume. Be closer to my family who live in Ausitn.  
Favorite part of BCM/TCH fellowship:  Co-fellows, this program chooses wonderful people.
Career goals /ambitions: ACHD! Hopefully eventually work as faculty here.
This surprised me about Houston: So much good food to try! Diverse population means there’s also a wide variety of things to do, and neighborhoods to explore. Cost of living is really manageable too.   
Outside of work, I spend my time: sewing, painting, trying to learn guitar. We go to concerts or plays or live comedy whenever we can (pre-COVID).
Significant others/pets: I live with my boyfriend and my cat.
Hometown: Houston! (Clear Lake really)