Faculty members at The Centers are actively involved in research focused on improving operations in a community clinic as well as improving the safety and health of our communities. Our faculty serve as co-investigators on many multi-site research projects in which we serve as a clinical site.  Some examples include:

Phase III clinical trials for a maternal RSV vaccine led by Dr. Flor Munoz (Baylor College of Medicine Infectious Diseases)

Safe Baby, a state wide initiative to reduce Shaken Baby Syndrome and other non-accidental trauma in infancy

HRSA grant to Epilepsy Foundation encouraging adolescent transition to adult care as well as tele health for patients with seizures.

PI: Neel Naik “Teaching Mindfulness to Adolescents in a Primary Care Setting.”

PI: Jill Roth “Training Pediatric Residents in Caring for Children with Behavioral Health Concerns”

I-SCRN Grant site: American Academy of Pediatrics site for improving screening for social determinants of health