Department of Pediatrics



On the Adolescent Unit and Inpatient Consultation Services, the postdoctoral fellow will provide clinical services to patients hospitalized for medical complications of an eating disorder. Patients admitted to the Adolescent Medicine Inpatient Eating Disorder Program are seen for individual therapy three times a week and often present with co-morbid disorders.

This rotation affords the postdoctoral fellow the opportunity to follow patients throughout the course of their hospitalization. In the Adolescent Medicine Clinic, clinical services are provided to patients who present with diagnoses such as eating disorders, obesity, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, somatoform disorders, chronic illness, substance use/abuse, school problems, medication adherence, grief/loss and family conflict.

In the Allergy and Immunology Clinic, clinical services are provided to patients diagnosed with HIV infection, who often present with co-morbid disorders. All clinical services are provided within the context of an interdisciplinary team, involving faculty, fellows and trainees, and are supervised by our clinical psychology faculty.




Research responsibilities include developing and completing an original research project, participating in ongoing research program, submitting at least one paper to a peer-reviewed journal, and giving at least one presentation to a local, regional or national conference. All research activities are supervised by our research psychology faculty.


Clinical Sites


Clinical sites include:

  • Texas Children’s Hospital Adolescent Unit and Inpatient Consultation Services
  • Texas Children's Adolescent Medicine Clinic
  • Texas Children’s Allergy and Immunology Clinic
  • Covenant House - Texas