Department of Pediatrics

Community Outreach Programs


Baylor Community Programs develop future leaders in social work through experience, education, training and empowerment, offering social work trainees the opportunity to learn and apply skills in a field setting. The program serves communities in the greater Houston area by providing experiential education, assets development and leadership training to decrease violence, promote healthy development and empower youth voice. On BELAY prevention programs are multifaceted, group experiential education aimed at decreasing juvenile crime by increasing positive developmental assets such as self-esteem, communication, problem solving, emotional regulation, youth voice and strong adult-child relationships.


Baylor Teen Health Clinics


Baylor Teen Health Clinics are affiliated with the Baylor College of Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and involve numerous collaborative relationships including Adolescent Medicine and Sports Medicine. At five locations in Greater Houston, teen health clinics provide reproductive health care and school-based clinic care for adolescents. Dr. Mariam Chacko is the Medical Director of the Teen Health Clinics Program and provides services at two sites in concert with medicine fellows, section faculty and staff.

The Teen Health Clinic at Ben Taub Hospital provides free, confidential reproductive health services including free contraceptive methods and STI medication, pregnancy diagnosis and early prenatal care, postpartum care, diagnosis and treatment of common sexually transmitted infections, serological and onsite rapid saliva testing, and risk reduction and HIV counseling.

The Teen Health Clinic at Wisdom High School has served a school population of 2,400 students from Gulfton, a highly diverse, medically underserved community in southwest Houston. Multidisciplinary specialty care includes adolescent medicine & gynecology, early prenatal services, sports medicine, nutrition and counseling.