Pediatric Adolescent Medicine and Sports Medicine

About Us

The Department of Pediatrics' Section of Adolescent Medicine and Sports Medicine provides comprehensive services to adolescents and young adults and offers specialized education with an interdisciplinary focus on training the next generation of healthcare providers.

Our Mission

The Section of Adolescent Medicine and Sports Medicine seeks to provide interdisciplinary instruction for medical students, residents, adolescent medicine fellows, and graduate and post graduate students in nutrition and psychology through contact with interdisciplinary faculty with expertise in adolescent medicine and adolescent health, the application of primary, secondary and tertiary treatment strategies to clinical and public health problems in adolescent and young adults. The adolescent medicine program also seeks to advance the knowledge of adolescent health problems through research and other scholarly work, and serves as an advocate for adolescent health issues locally, regionally, and nationally; it seeks to empower youth and families to attain knowledge and behaviors associated with improved health outcomes. 

Adolescent Medicine Program

Clinical Care

The interdisciplinary team in Adolescent Medicine includes four board-certified adolescent medicine physicians, three psychologists, and two dietitians who comprehensively address complex medical problems including eating disorders, obesity, young women's healthcare needs, and chronic fatigue.

Education and Training

Since 1997, faculty from the disciplines of medicine, nutrition, and psychology have provided training in the application of primary, secondary and tertiary treatment strategies to address clinical problems of adolescents and young adults.


Faculty research in the areas of women's health, weight management, eating disorders, nutrition and medical transition into adulthood contribute to an understanding of key public health concerns related to adolescents.

Sports Medicine Program

Clinical Care

The interdisciplinary team in Sports Medicine provides comprehensive care for acute and chronic overuse injuries. In addition to medical treatment, coordinated care for athletes includes physical therapy and sports nutrition counseling services. Evaluation and treatment planning for complicated complaints and more common ailments are conducted.

Education and Training

The Sports Medicine Program provides training in primary care sports medicine to medical students, residents and sports medicine fellows that includes:

  • Clinical teaching about sports medicine programs for children, adolescents and adults
  • Primary research and scholarly work to advance knowledge and practice in sports medicine
  • Continuing medical education to improve knowledge and skills of practicing physicians
  • Instructional focus that promotes exercise and sports participation for people of all ages, including those with special healthcare needs


Faculty research focuses on innovative, effective treatment of sports injuries and health promotion strategies focusing on physical activity in adolescents.