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Pediatrics - Rett Center

Houston, Texas

BCM pediatricians care for children in various clinical and hospital environments.
Blue Bird Circle Rett Center
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Patient Care

Clinic Appointments

To make an appointment to have your child evaluated by our team of physicians, or to reschedule your appointment, please call the Rett Center office at 832-822-7388, or toll-free at 1-888-430-7388.


If you have a child with Rett syndrome, or know of a child with RTT and/or any genetic disorders within the family that you wish to report, please e-mail us at The Blue Bird Circle Rett Center at


For additional information or to receive an information package about Rett syndrome, please call our office at 832-822-7388 (RETT), toll-free at 1-888-430-7388, or e-mail us at

Other Information or Resources

For more information on family resources for RTT, please contact the International Rett Syndrome Foundation at 1-800-818-7388.

See information about what to do in case your child has an epileptic seizure.

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