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Pediatrics - Renal

Houston, Texas

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Pediatrics - Renal
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Pediatric Critical Care Nephrology Fellowship Program Overview

Acute kidney injury in the pediatric population has shifted from primary renal disease to a secondary effect of systemic illness and its treatment, leading to renal injury.

A pediatric nephrologist workforce shortage exists in many parts of the United States and in most non-Western countries. The Pediatric Critical Care Nephrology and Dialysis Fellowship program provides specialized training in nephrology for graduates of Pediatric Critical Care fellowships to foster future clinical research collaboration between pediatric nephrologists and pediatric intensivists and to provide training in basic renal replacement therapy for critical care physicians who seek to serve geographic areas where expertise in pediatric dialysis is limited.

The fellowship is also available to graduates of pediatric nephrology fellowship programs who are interested in conducting clinical research in the area of pediatric acute kidney injury.


Potential fellows will be selected from a pool of applicants who have successfully completed an accredited training program in Pediatrics and either Pediatric Critical Care Medicine or Pediatric Nephrology. A letter of recommendation from the candidate fellow's pediatric Critical Care/Nephrology Fellowship program director will be required for all fellows applying from outside Baylor College of Medicine.

For more information please contact Estrella Garcia, the pediatric nephrology program coordinator by e-mail at

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