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BCM pediatricians care for children in various clinical and hospital environments.
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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I arrange an elective at Baylor College of Medicine?
  2. How do I arrange an observership or externship at BCM?
  3. How do I arrange a research experience at BCM?
  4. How do I apply for a pediatric residency at BCM?
  5. How do I find a person (a doctor, researcher, or staff person) at BCM?
  6. Where can I get clinical/medical advice?


  1. How do I arrange an elective at BCM?

    Medical Student Electives

    All medical student electives at BCM, including those for visiting students, must be arranged through the registrar's office. You may find more information on the Office of Registrar, Elective Program web page.

    Resident Electives

    Approval must be obtained from the subspecialty area of interest. Each pediatric subspecialty section maintains a web site, view the sections on the pediatrics departmental web site.

  2. How do I arrange an observership or externship at BCM?

    A variety of legal, regulatory, and educational considerations greatly constrain our ability to offer observership experiences. Limited opportunities are made available through the Texas Children's Hospital International Operations Office. Please contact Ms. Claudia Flores ( for further information.

    Observers are strictly limited to observing the activities of the regular medical staff. They may not be involved in "hands-on" patient care activities, such as performing history and physical examinations. Externships (i.e. experiences that include patient care) are not permitted under Texas state law.

  3. How do I arrange a research experience at BCM?

    Opportunities for research for those not enrolled in BCM or its affiliated residency programs are very limited. Coordination of such activities is done by the individual pediatric subspecialty sections. They should be contacted directly for further information. You may find a listing of the sections on the pediatrics departmental web site.

  4. How do I apply for a pediatric residency at BCM?

    Submission of Applications

    All applications must be submitted via the Electronic Residency Application Service. We do not accept paper applications.

    Completed Applications

    Applications will be considered complete when they include the following items:

    1. Complete ERAS application
    2. Transcript
    3. Dean's Letter
    4. Letters of recommendation (minimum of three)
    5. USMLE Transcript (all allopathic students; preferred for osteopathic students also)
    6. Personal Statement
    7. COMLEX Transcript (all osteopathic students, if no USMLE)
    8. ECFMG Status Report (international medical school graduates only)

    We prefer that all applicants complete USMLE Step 2 and/or COMLEX Step 2 prior to the interview, but this is not required for the application of U.S. medical students to be considered complete. International medical school graduates must have taken and passed USMLE Step 1, Step 2CK, and Step 2CS in order for their applications to be considered complete.

    Interview Invitations

    All complete applications will be reviewed. The large volume of applications received prevents us from offering interviews to all who apply. Although the screening process includes no absolute requirements, interview invitations usually are limited to those applicants with USMLE scores (Step 1 and Step 2) of greater than 220 on the first attempt. We prefer that osteopathic students take the USMLE in addition to or instead of COMLEX because doing so facilitates comparison with the performance of allopathic medical students. However, we will consider those osteopathic applicants with COMLEX scores if greater than 500 on the first attempt. As noted, these criteria are used as guidelines only, and we will consider all complete applications on an individual basis.

    Osteopathic Graduates

    We welcome applications from students at osteopathic medical schools. We have had a number of residents from osteopathic schools, and they have done very well in our program. In addition, our faculty includes several graduates of osteopathic medical schools. Our primary goal is recruiting the best-prepared applicants possible, regardless of their training background.

    International Medical School Graduates

    Graduates of international medical schools must have a completed application on file. The application will be considered complete only when the ECFMG status report indicates that the applicant is certified or the applicant is likely to be eligible for certification as evidenced by successful completion of USMLE Step 1, Step 2CK, and Step 2CS. This requirement is intended to ensure that interviewed applicants already are or will be eligible for certification by the ECFMG, a prerequisite for residency training in the U.S. international medical school graduates must also have at least one month of clinical or research experience in the U.S. medical system. A clinical observership performed anywhere in the U.S. will fulfill this requirement. The House Staff Education Office is not able to arrange observerships or research experiences. However, interested individuals may contact Ms. Claudia Flores ( for information regarding observerships at Texas Children's Hospital.

    Long intervals between graduation from medical school and application to residency are generally not desirable. However, when selecting those to invite for an interview, we have no strict cut off for the duration of time since graduation that is acceptable. We consider each application individually, and give consideration to what the applicant was doing in the interval between medical school graduation and residency application.


    We sponsor only J-1 visas. We do not offer the H1-b visa.

    Off-Match Positions

    All positions are offered routinely through the match system. Therefore, all applications should be submitted via ERAS.

    What We Look For in Applicants

    The primary factor in our decision-making process over which students have direct control is their performance during medical school. Outstanding performance at a quality medical school is one of the greatest assurances that a student is prepared for the rigors of our training program. In addition, we give a fair degree of weight to performance on the USMLE and/or COMLEX examinations because results on these standardized examinations are the one piece of data that is comparable across all applicants. As noted above, we require that graduates of international medical schools have clinical or research experience in the U.S. in order to insure that they have some familiarity with the U.S. medical system. Other factors that we consider are strength of the medical school, dean's letter, individual letters of recommendation, prior medical experience, and extracurricular activities.

    Applicants sometimes ask if doing an elective at BCM will enhance their chances of being accepted into our training program. Doing well on an elective at BCM is certainly a plus, and we encourage interested students who have the opportunity to do an elective with us. However, we recognize that students cannot arrange electives at all schools that may interest them, and lack of elective experience at BCM does not preclude our giving the applicant serious consideration. In fact, most of the residents we recruit from other institutions have not done student electives with us.

    Medical students (both U.S. and international) interested in electives at BCM should contact the Office of Registrar; see information on the Visiting Medical Student Elective Program web page. Students, residents, and those individuals who are not currently enrolled in a training program and are interested in observerships should contact Ms. Claudia Flores (

    We have no rigid formula or scoring system for determining which applicants are offered interviews and what the final ranking of applicants on our match list will be. We welcome and encourage all who are interested to apply to our program, even those who may think their credentials are lacking in some respect. As noted above we carefully review all applications that are complete and give consideration to each, taking into account factors that may mitigate any particular weakness in an applicant's credentials.

    Web Site

    Further information may be found on the Pediatrics House Staff Education web site.

  5. How do I find a person (a doctor, researcher, or staff person) at BCM?

    Please use the Find-a-Person directory on the BCM web site.

  6. Where can I get clinical/medical advice?

    Please visit the pediatrics sub-specialty pages to find more information and contact phone numbers and addresses.

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