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Pediatrics - Infectious Diseases

Houston, Texas

BCM pediatricians care for children in various clinical and hospital environments.
Pediatrics - Infectious Disease
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Patient Care

Texas Children's Hospital

Texas Children's Hospital

The Infectious Disease Service at Texas Children's Hospital evaluates more than 1,300 patients on the inpatient service annually. The patient population is diverse and ranges from previously healthy children to those with various immunocompromising conditions such as post-transplantation, malignancy, or chronic disease.

Patients with infections of every organ system are evaluated, and diseases caused by bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic pathogens are not uncommon. Therefore, the spectrum of clinical infectious diseases is unsurpassed.

For patient referral, physicians should contact the inpatient consultation team by calling the office at 832-824-4330 or the Texas Children's page operator.

The Infectious Disease Clinic at the Texas Children’s Clinical Care Center provides outpatient consultations for children with a broad spectrum of clinical conditions such as fever of unknown origin, complicated soft tissue infections or respiratory tract infections. In addition, the clinic provides longitudinal care for conditions such as septic arthritis and osteomyelitis in which treatment is initiated in the hospital then continued on an outpatient basis.

The Infectious Disease Clinic has regularly scheduled appointments by physician referral on three days a week (Tuesday and Friday mornings and Wednesday afternoons). For patient referrals, physicians should call 832-824-4330 and ask to speak with the outpatient physician. However, patients can be seen Monday through Friday in the Infectious Diseases Clinic for urgent consultation.

Ben Taub Hospital

Ben Taub Hospital

Ben Taub Hospital is one of two hospitals that are a part of the Harris Health System and provides care for indigent and uninsured patients in Harris County and surrounding area.

The Infectious Disease Service sees an average of 120 inpatient consultations at Ben Taub annually. The spectrum of diseases ranges from congenital infections to sepsis in critically ill neonates. The Pediatric Infectious Disease service can be contacted through the Ben Taub page operator.

Ben Taub Infectious Diseases Clinic

The Infectious Disease Clinic at Ben Taub is available for outpatient consultation and follow-visits for residents of Harris County. Usually patients seen in consultation on the inpatient service at Ben Taub also are seen in clinic after discharge.

The most common diagnoses for follow-up visits include: congenital or neonatal infections, such as congenital syphilis and neonatal meningitis. In addition, children who require follow-up after hospitalization for serious bacterial infections, and children with infectious diseases that require prolonged therapy, such as osteomyelitis, brucellosis or complicated soft tissue infections are also followed in this clinic. Patients are seen in the Infectious Disease Clinic at Ben Taub on Tuesday mornings. Appointments may be scheduled for this clinic by contacting the Ben Taub Children’s Center at 713-873-KIDS.

Pediatric Tuberculosis Clinic

The Pediatric Tuberculosis Clinic is also a part of the Ben Taub Children’s Center. This clinic serves children in the Harris County and surrounding community who need evaluation and management of suspected or proven tuberculosis. The clinic works closely with local, city, county and state health departments to assure that children exposed or with clinical tuberculosis receive care that is tailored for that of the needs of the child. Appointments may be scheduled for this clinic by contacting the Ben Taub Children’s Center at 713-873-KIDS.