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Education and Training

The educational programs of the Developmental Pediatrics Section focus on fundamental knowledge and techniques of normal and abnormal development, the interdisciplinary and family-centered process of evaluation and treatment of developmental disorders, approaches to counseling families with chronic complex disorders, and early identification and referral to meet the child and family needs for children (birth age 18). The Developmental Pediatrics Section plays an active role in the training of physicians, fellows, psychologists and social workers.

The Developmental Pediatrics Section participates in the intensive educational program of fellows, that is, board-certified pediatricians who elect to specialize in neurodevelopmental disabilities. We have organized a combined rotation through both the public and private systems, which gives the residents more exposure to at-risk conditions and developmental disabilities, infancy through adolescence.

  • Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Residency Program, ACGME accredited
    Please contact: Sandra Palacios, 832-822-3423
  • Baylor Medical Students
    Please contact: John Rapp,Office of Student Affairs, 713-798-3370
  • Visiting Students
    Please contact: Donna Moore, Office of Student Affairs, 713-798-4600
  • Graduate Social Work Interns
    Please contact: Carmen Dickerson, 832-822-3420

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