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Pediatrics - Endocrinology

Houston, Texas

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Diabetes & Endocrinology
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Yuezhen (Lynda) Lin, M.D. MSc

Assistant Professor- Department of Pediatrics, Section of Diabetes and Endocrinology

Clinical Service Area

Diabetes and Endocrinology


  • Medical School, Fujian Medical College, Fujian, China
  • Residency, Texas Tech University Paul Foster School of Medicine, El Paso, TX
  • Fellowship, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

Clinical Interests

  • Type 1 diabetes, Disorders of growth and puberty, PCOS

Professional Organizations:

  • Associate Member- Endocrine Society
  • Associate Member- Pediatric Endocrine Society
  • Associate Member- American Academy of Pediatrics
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  6. Y. Lin, KK. Wuand K. Ruan. Characterization of the secondary structure and membrane interaction of the putative membrane anchor domains of prostaglandin I2 synthase and cytochrome P450 2C1. Archives Biochemistry and Biophysics 352(1): 78-84, 1998

Contact Information

6701 Fannin St., 11th Floor
Houston, TX 77030-2399
Clinic: 832-822-3670
Fax: 832-825-9069

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